Thursday, October 15, 2009

Jersey Devil Tomatoes - Just in Time for Halloween!

Strange.  I've not had much success with my tomato crop this year.  But there was one notable exception.  The Jersey Devil Tomato plant that I put in late this summer.  Against all odds, it beat the tomato blight that was affecting most of the other hundreds of tomato plants in the community garden.  Could it be because it's an heirloom tomato?  There, late in the season, were two beautiful Jersey Devil Tomatoes shining out of the abandoned plot that I took over.  Don't mess with the Jersey Devil.


  1. That one made me smile! Thanks for looking!

  2. Hi Mary Lou, I found you!
    Nice blog, I'll keep visiting...

  3. Thanks for visiting Vasanti, I will definately check out your blog again and foodie...

    Mary Lou