Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Answered Offer

You sat across and watched me knit
My needles crafting a tiny mitt
I heard you ask, "What's that you're making?
Something to help with the Autumn raking?"
"Yes," I replied, "It's for my child.
Winters here are far from mild."

"I never learned how" she said with rue
"Could you make me one? Perhaps in blue?"
She continued on, offered me twenty
Said store-bought ones cost her plenty.
"No", I answered. "I can't you see.
But I'll teach you how to knit for free."


Down with libraries
We need them no more
Technology rules
Books are a bore

Originally defined as
"the inner bark of a tree"
libraries carried knowledge
to you and to me

But science said
"We can do it better
Pay and it's yours
in the blink of a letter"

So close the buildings
Empty the shelves
When we lose knowledge
Blame ourselves

Monday, September 5, 2011


One evening as I settled in
I saw it on the ceiling tin
A thing of beauty - mosaic hued
Hovering above its favorite food

My eyes unlocked from the tiny beast
To see what was its tasty feast
My handmade items, Victorian to goth
Were irresistible to the hungry moth

Song of My Yarn

I hide my mistakes
within plain sight
Knitting a sweater
by cover of night

Some will rip out
or frog their errors
I soldier on,
no heed to my terrors

Click, clicking away
Until daylight's warn
the only sound heard is
the Song of my Yarn