Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Entrance to the garden
My sister Cathy and I attended Morristown's Mansion in May which featured Glynallyn, or "the Mapmakers" as we used to call it.

Here is a bit describing it:
"Glynallyn is a grand 3-story, 32,000 square-foot mansion that was built from 1913-1917 by George Marshall Allen and is rich in history. It features over 40 rooms abounding with architectural intricacies and surprising details around every corner."  -http://mansioninmay.org/Mansion-in-May/Introducing-Glynallyn.aspx

As children we would run around the outside of the mansion with our dogs.  The grounds were practically deserted, the property being used as Exxon's mapmaker's division.  The interior was changed to accommodate their business.

The Mansion in May group worked with many designers to create beautiful rooms. We were not allowed to take any photos of the interior, but there are some posted on Facebook by the Committee.
 The delicious luncheon was by Country Caterers. It was worth the trip.

Front door

Side where the servants stayed

Old time air conditioning

Side view

Close-up of side view

Back of the castle


The Tower

View from the second floor outside patio

Another view of the back

Beautiful, isn't it?  Back of the castle

In the backyard looking at the castle

Another view


Side view of the Woman's Cave (my favorite designed room)

Love this


Some ok stained glass windows

Another plaquw
Outside garden room

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