Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cooperstown, NY visit

Although we didn't get to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame, we did go to the Fenimore Art Museum and the Farmer's Museum in Cooperstown.  The Art Museum had an art fair and the Farmer's Museum held a hops festival.  We also had dinner at the Brewery Ommergang.

Lake Otsego in the distance

Apple Molly at the Fly Creek Cider Mill

Bob, Carmen and Cathy at the Farmer's Museum

Through the pub's doorway looking out at the garden.

Temperance to Intemperance sign in the pub

Bicycles in the cafe.

A reproduction of a room at the inn at the Farmer's Museum.  Hand made wallpaper decorated the walls.  If you were a wealthy traveller you could pay to stay in the room.  If you couldn't afford the room rates you could pay a quarter and sleep on the floor in the hall!

Hops growing in the field.  During the mid 1800's, these three NY counties supplied all hops for all the brewers in the US.

Young girl making flax to make the linen.

Volunteers making flax.

Continued flax presentation

Flax spinning. That's how they made thread in the 1800's.

Cathy and Carmen on the Carousel.

Bob on his fish.

Cathy's house in Cooperstown

Just couldn't resist.

On the other end of the spectrum - the Cooperstown Opera House.

A tree on the lake.  Perhaps planted by James Fenimore Cooper.

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