Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My dream sewing/reading room

In our living room we have a sofa and a love seat.  We placed the love seat next to the window and dubbed it "The Reading Couch".  It has since been a source of great joy (and light) for when we read "real" books.

Last year's Morristown Hospital Fundraiser "Mansion in May" was at Glenallyn or the Mapmakers as my family called it. Glenallyn is a castle with 66 rooms and is currently for sale for $5.7 million. It is around the corner from where I grew up in Madison.  We would take walks around the grounds throughout the year.

Here's a picture of it lit up at night.

32,000 square feet
575 windows
185 doors
66 rooms
19 fireplaces
16 chimney stacks

  My sister Cathy and I went to the "Mansion in May" and viewed the 66 rooms (including dungeon) designed by decorators.  My favorite was the Woman's Room.  I immediately saw possibilities for my living room or sewing room.  Here are a few pictures.

Jodie O Design for Mansion in May

Silk fabric with knotted sequence details slipcover on a regular office chair by Jodie O Design

Smocked top silk embroidered panels with hand sewn pearls  by Jodie O Design

Smocked top silk valance with hand sewn pearls  by Jodie O Design

All I need now is a castle.

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